Saturday, August 6, 2011

《武》漫卷一 在線英文版

真的意想不到, 在網上竟然找到《武道狂之詩》漫畫 卷一的英文版 ! :P
製作似乎是相當認真的, 當然這不是官方授權的版本, 但從推廣的角度來說, 在未有正式英文版推出之前, 讓更多海外讀者當作預覽, 也不是壞事。

看看這一頁, 做了很多Photo Retouching 把中英文旁白換上。 以下連故事簡介也翻譯了....

Blood and Steel Plot

The story begins with an eradication of Qingcheng by a group of martial art fanatic from Wudong, whose master and disciples only has one belief – to become the strongest. In order to maintain the supremacy, it takes over all the other martial arts group and kill those refuse to yield themselves to it.

Yan Heng, a young swordman in Qingcheng, was saved by ‘Wudang Hunter' Jing Lie, who also lost his fellows because of Wudong. Being the only remnant of their groups, the two allied and start their journey of revenge.

看看這個版權頁便可以知道, 製作是相當認真的。

那麼快有線上英文翻譯版, 這代表《武》漫畫也算是受歡迎吧!


  1. Hi, I read the English version (卷一) and its very good. The art is so much better then many other HK 漫畫. 武道狂之詩 and 火鳳燎原 is liked by many overseas people.

    This work feels a little bit like Blade of the Immortal (無限の住人).

    J (England)

  2. Thanks J for your words. Glad to know you and many overseas people like this. You're I was inspired a lot by Blade of the Immortal (無限の住人) which is one of my favorite manga, I also like Vangabond a lot too. :)


  3. 請問這本書會不會轉換成英文版本? We will soon revise the creators in the later chapters. Is the author currently happy with this? (We will stop translating as soon as this is licensed)

    Thank you for supporting us! And thank you for your time.

  4. hi MazingerZ,
    It is not licensed yet, the studios has a plan on it but I think that will take very long time. Please keep on great translation work, I and friends of mind can't wait to see more. : )
    BTW Authors are very happy about the translation in content, we are think you and you team really capture the tone of the original story and mood. Thanks agian!

  5. Chapter 2 is online already, awesome!

  6. 循著鏈接看了英文版,對於本人的英文水平是個不小的考驗,同時也是一個提升。

    1. 雖然這個不過是正式官方的,但翻譯得相當認真。看完真會學到一些英文啊。

    2. 是的,我看了第五卷,到了第二章節后就有些堅持不住了,不時出現的生詞以及在腦內快速換成中文讓我有種做閱讀理解的既視感。(心力憔悴樣

      Then,what can I do for Blood&Steel in the future,I should consider it seriously.