Friday, September 20, 2013

Fanart at Tumblr

This isthe first time I search pictures with tagged Blood and Steels, here are fanarts I found in tumblr drew by oversea fans.

This is what came to mind with the depiction of that ownage when Lao downed another headmaster from a school that was not of the Wudang school. So I did a little bit of editing myself.

"Xiao Liu from Blood and Steel"
Started reading the manhua series a week ago and I’m hooked. The art, the characters and the story are pretty good. THE WEAPONS ARE AMAZING. Albeit the narration, which is funny [and just ruins the mood of supposed-to-be epic battle scenes], Blood and Steel is a very promising series. Hope it will get scanlated until it ends, as I can’t read and understand Chinese [oh well, just a few hanzi and a lot of help from Google translate gets me through in weibo]. And hopefully I get to doodle some dynamic scenes soon… if my skills permit me.

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